Reward Cycle Token

Simply Buy and Hold to join our Reward Ecosystem Club. Earn BNB, XRP, BITCOIN, ADA and More. Our Reward Cycle is built to Our Holders to Receive Rewards through Our Tokenomics and Reward Cycle Ecosyst


Reward Cycle Token is Built for Our Discord Members

​Reward Cycle is the first token created by a doxed developer for our holders, who we call the RC Elite. A previous token increased by 50x, backed by the original holders. The Reward Cycle token is primarily intended for all our members and the future RC Elite.
Reward Cycle offers rewards in which you simply hold and receive one or two utility tokens such as USDT, ADA, XRP, ETH, and others.
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We appreciate your interest in this evolutional and potentially massive opportunity to join our members and Discord group for Free. Consider how Reward Cycle provides the finest rewards to benefit holders of previous public ICO, which impressively 50x in the first 7 days following the presale- with a stunning 1.6 Million market cap.
The Reward Cycle Token was created by our doxed developer Ash with his "Discord Members" in mind, who has previously supported a token with out any professional experience. In the first week, the initial token had a market cap of 1.6 million dollars.
You can still invest in the previous project 👉 Hero Coin Finance launched token.
Our RC Elite Holders still backed the project and are still 💰 Diamond hand 💠 Hodlers in the first project. It is one of the reasons why The Reward Cycle Token has the best investors and holders within our developed ecosystem.
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Reward Cycle Rewards | Our Holders we call RC Elite, Discord Members, and INVESTORS!